First, the problem of solving multiple choice questions

Pay attention to the following aspects when making a single-choice question:

1, easy to post difficult: some questions are easier to choose the answer, you can start with these questions. When practicing in peacetime, it should be based on the basics, and the main energy should not be placed on the topic or the blame.

2. Analyze the intent of the investigation and apply relevant knowledge: Learn to analyze the intention of the examinee, clarify the test points of the relevant questions, and then use the knowledge learned to analyze, judge, and then select.

3. Use hints to make choices: pay attention to the context of the question design. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the accumulation of knowledge of idiom expression, idioms and differences between Chinese and English.

4, the use of exclusion method: can take language exclusion, logical exclusion, grammar exclusion or selection exclusion. First eliminate the easier and more obvious error options, narrow the scope, and then compare and analyze the remaining options, and finally determine the answer.

Second, the cloze problem solving skills

1. Collocation judgment method

According to the analysis of the previous test questions, the collocation type test has the highest proportion in the cloze test. The collocation problem mainly tests the proficiency of common collocations, such as which words are to be matched with infinitive, gerund or some clause. Which words must be paired with a preposition. We should pay special attention to the fixed combination of phrasal verbs and prepositions during the review.

2. Structural judgment method

Structural problems mainly include sentence patterns, sentence patterns, and choice of connected words. When solving problems, you should use syntactic knowledge and grasp keywords to make quick and correct judgments. Many of the cloze questions are designed using the contradiction between the correctness of grammar and the exclusion of logic. Therefore, candidates should choose the best answer based on the rationality of the context and the logic of the meaning relationship. The logical relationship of the gestation test is mainly: